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I felt like I had died too, and they just forgot to bury me.

- Unknown

Within the intimate space of the Grant Hall Gallery, "Lazarus Sign" emerges—a poignant installation featuring small-scale 3D-printed hands in an animated sequence to mimic the reflex seen in brain-dead patients. Symbolically hugging a corner, the shadows cast by these prints represent the body and allude to the emotional isolation and distance experienced in mourning. Rendered in striking red, the hands not only reference the medical warning of death but also serve as a visual dialogue with the profound loss inspired by my paternal grandfather's passing during the pandemic. With no funeral to provide closure, the 3D-printed hands act as a poignant connection, symbolizing 'his hands are my hands.' The inclusion of mulch and plastic elements challenges the authenticity of the surreal event, highlighting the transformative impact of distant loss on one's perception of reality.

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